My name is Klara and I’m fourteen years old. I am a student at Sveaskolan in Malmoe. This is my blog about a thing called Nordplus. It’s really interesting actually, even if it’s about a school project.

So what’s it all about? Four countries are a part of this project. Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland and Sweden of course. All of the countries were visiting Sweden, not so long ago actually. The stayed at our places, whether they liked it or not…some didn’t. I think that depends on how mature you are.

This project, to me, is about to grow. Discover your skills. Maybe you were born to speak in front of a group! Even if you are nervous when you’re doing a presentation, you have the possibility to develop. Learn to communicate with people from different countries. One thing my principal said to me once was; ”Communication is the key to everything.”While were talking about what other people say, I might just tell you about another thing someone else told me.

My teacher told me about a boy, who once was a student on Sveaskolan. He went to Iceland with Nordplus. Everything was new to him. He had to get a passport, because he had never left the country before. He had never been on a horse before. His English wasn’t the best, but he got to experience and learn so much!

So, who am I? Why am I doing this blog? 

This school year, I am going to write about the project. I received this ”mission” from my teacher. He thinks I have the right stuff. You’ll be going to see some photos taken by me. I don’t know if I can call myself a photographer, but I guess I’m okay. At least I’m not a model. I couldn’t pose to save my life.


IMG_0ff020The Nordplus Crew

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3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. john

    Hello! Are we ready to post this on FB and Sveaskolan.nu?

  2. Maria

    Well written Klara!!

  3. Catharina

    Heja Klara, vad kul att läsa!
    Bästa lycka till kära bloggerska – kram.

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