So today we left the house at 7.30 (maaaybe) and came home at 20.40. Malin told me one interesting thing, just when we arrived home. ”Klara. We haven’t taken off our shoes today.” That kind of made me thinking about how much we’ve been doing today. First of all, we started out with our presentations. At first I was feeling a bit nervous about it. By the way, we were doing a presentation about Sweden. But then I remembered that I knew that stuff I was going to talk about. I felt really comfortable on the stage. Because normally I’m always trying to tell my self that I’m fine and absolutlely calm. I think actually calm, but somehow I always seen to mess things up. For example a total blackout. I have really raised the bar for myself. I do not want to sound cheesy, but I’m very grateful that I got the opportunity to develop.

After the presentations, we went to museums. The first one was about astronomi, which I actually find very interesting. Our guide was very knowledgeable and he spoke english perfectly and made it easy to understand and so on.

Do you remember the Lucia performance I was telling you about? Anyway, we’re doing that tomorrow evening. Kind of nervous. But I’ll be alright.






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  1. Maria

    Hey Clara!
    I hope everything is good with you and that you are enjoying your stay in Riga!
    You seem to be having a fantastic time!

    Soon, like in 10 minutes, I have a class, and we´re planning on reading your blog to find out what you guys have been up to while in Riga. I´m sure that some of the students here in school have already been following your blog, but for the ones who haven´t I thought it would be nice to go in and have a look!
    Take care & see you soon 🙂

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