It’s finally time for the Nordplus project to continue. I have been longing for this ever since I came back from Riga. So, with 4 months of longing, we’re off to Lithuania! 

I have been in contact with my host through Facebook, and she seems so nice! One thing I’m especially looking forward to is our early meeting before the flight. Let’s just say it’s way too early. My good friend, Tova, is going to sleep at my house on Saturday, because her parents will be away. It’s not going to be easy dragging her out of my air mattress. Or pushing her off. Will I even be able to wake her up? Quoting Tova; ’‘I’m sooo going to sleep on the plane.’’ If the flight wouldn’t just last one hour, I would too. 

Now remains packing, which will take me hours to get done. I’m slow, indecisive and just lazy in general. 

 Lithuania, here we come! Well, on Sunday…Lithuania, we’re coming on Sunday. Yeeeey! 

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One thought on “Lithuania!

  1. John

    Woop woop! Bildbevis 😉

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