I slept like a baby this night. It was the best night sleep I’ve ever had, seriously. Then Ieva and I went for a walk in town, which was very interesting, but very cold. We eventually made our way to school, and waited there for like a half an hour. Then all day we were listening to teachers talking and presentations. I wanted to get to know everyone better. It feels like we just hang out with our own country, which I think is pretty boring and it’s definitely not they way I think it should be. I have become friends with an Icelandic girl named Naomi. I’m really happy that we became friends this early in the trip, because if you start hang out with each other on the last day, you don’t have much time together.  

Then we had some free time which we spent at a mall. We also went bowling. Tova got two strikes in a row. They were also the two first tries. Eh, beginner’s luck. 

Right now, Ieva and I are listening to music. We have some good laughs about the ’Goat Edition’. We’re both pretty tired after a long day. Good night mom and dad, because I know you will be reading this… 


By the way, I can’t upload photos to night. Something weird is going on. 

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